SIDEBAR PLUGIN Leadfwd Sequences for HubSpot

Execute all of your outbound sales engagement and drive more responses, in less time, with Leadfwd and HubSpot.
Sync HubSpot Contacts to Sequences, View Contact Activity Insights and Execute Sales Tasks. All inside HubSpot.

Add Contacts
To Sequences.

Leadfwd extends automated sales outreach seamlessly for HubSpot CRM using Sidebar. Enable your sales team to effortlessly enroll contacts into sequences without leaving their CRM.

  • Enroll Individual Contacts or Multiple Contacts
  • Enroll from Custom Views, Lists and Profiles
  • Auto-BCC Sales Emails to HubSpot
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360° Engagement
Timeline & Insights

Access the full engagement history and interaction profile for Contacts inside Pipedrive that are synchronized with Leadfwd.

  • Engagement and Outreach Status
  • Engagement Timeline (35+ Activity Types)
  • Create, View and Complete Tasks
  • Quick Enroll to a Sequence with Icebreakers
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Multi-Channel Sequences For HubSpot

With Sequences you can automate all your follow-up activities; including Email, SMS, or LinkedIn. Enabling you to focus on sales-ready deals, while Leadfwd focuses on building pipeline with your next sales opportunities.

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Manual Sales Tasks
  • Direct Mail
  • Voicemail Drops (RVM)
  • LinkedIn Engagement
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Next/Gen Cold Email Software For HubSpot

Satisfy the guardians of the primary inbox with a sales engagement platform that is purpose-built using best practices across IT, Sales and Marketing, to deliver your message where it will be seen.

  • Unlimited Mailboxes
  • Email Validation
  • Automatic Ramp-Up
  • Sender Rotation
  • AI Optimized Delivery
  • Spintax & Icebreakers
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Execute Tasks
at Scale

Just press ‘play’ and go. Leadfwd makes it easier than ever to create, view and execute sales tasks in rapid succession.

  • Auto-Loads HubSpot Profile for Each Contact/Task
  • Fully Customizable Task Types, Objections and Outcomes.
  • Sync Tasks and Notes to HubSpot using Zapier
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Leadfwd: $0.00
HubSpot: $500.00

Pricing definitely isn’t everything. But it matters.

The Leadfwd <> HubSpot plugin is available free with our Starter plan and offers an incredible value for the HubSpot CRM faithful (on a budget).

Simple, no-code connectors.

Click, create and automate.

Native integrations and our no-code connectors make it simple to push prospects to the top of your sales funnel, wherever your pipeline may live. Easily create filtering rules to segment contacts for your sales team, such as only pushing leads when they are showing buying signals.

Sync with 5,000+ business apps using our no-code connectors for Zapier , Pabbly and Make (Integromat)