LINKEDIN AUTOMATION LinkedIn Outreach. 10x Faster.

Reclaim your time while scaling your LinkedIn outreach with automated Sequence tasks. With one click, visit a prospects profile, send a Connection Invite with a note, send personalized Messages or InMail. Leadfwd populates your connection requests and direct messages with a personalized copy for each prospect. Just click send. Never go back to opening profiles manually, 1-by-1, again.

LinkedIn Tasks On AutoPilot

Extend the reach of your Sequences to another channel, LinkedIn. LinkedIn tasks are semi-automated touchpoints for Connection Invites, Direct Messages, InMail and simple Profile Views.

Sequences that combine LinkedIn channel engagement in addition to email, generate 34% more responses than Sequences that rely exclusively on email.

LinkedIn Tasks On AutoPilot

Automated Personalization

Create your messaging just one-time and let Leadfwd task automation take care of the rest. Personalize each message by leveraging personalization tokens that are pre-filled automatically before you click Send.

We make it look personal, not automated. But, shhh ;)

Automated Personalization

One-Click Actions

Task flow for Sidebar enables you to organize and execute all of your daily LinkedIn outreach by just pressing play.

Sidebar automatically loads your contacts LinkedIn profile and pre-fills the message dialog with their personalized message. Just click send and Leadfwd moves you to the next LinkedIn task in rapid succession.

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