Most won’t answer. But they will check voicemail.

How much time does your team spend dialing and leaving voice messages? Ringless voicemail accelerates sales cycles by automating otherwise repetitive and expensive voice outreach, achieving better results with minimal costs.

Free up sales reps to focus on qualified leads that want to talk.
STOP DIALING, START SELLING Save Time and Reach Prospects at Scale with Ringless Voicemail.

Ringless voicemail (RVM) is a telephony framework that can send pre-recorded voicemails, directly to voicemail inboxes—instead of dialing, ringing and waiting.

Automate Voicemail With Sequences

Add voicemail drops to your Sequence playbook and automate outbound voice touches to hundreds of prospects in seconds. All without ever dialing a phone.

Add voice touchpoints in places that were previously not economical.
Welcome new users who have signed up for your services.
Remind existing customers of upcoming renewals.
Alert customers to service upgrades or new offerings.
Webinar or conference attendee reminders.
Connect with your best customers with a holiday greeting.
Reward your top clients with special offers and promotions.
Over 70% of unknown calls are sent directly to voicemail by the recipient.
Most people don’t answer unknown numbers, but they do check voicemails.
Stop interrupting. Prospects can listen to your message anytime.
Shield your sales reps from rejection and repetition burnout.
Allow sales reps to focus on talking to people that want to buy.
Deliver a personal touch, but in a scalable way.
Personalize the Caller ID with your direct line for easy call backs.
Import unlimited voicemail assets.

Voice + SMS + Email to Boost Responses.

Everyone is different. Some people like phone chats, while others prefer texting. Increase your response rates by reaching people on the channel they most prefer and make it easier for them to reply.

Scale your engagement using SMS, Voice, Email and LinkedIn outreach using Leadfwd Sequences.

Voice + SMS + Email to Boost Responses

Everything You Need

Everything you need to create and scale ringless voicemail as an outreach channel.

Simple, no-code connectors.

Click, create and automate.

Native integrations and our no-code connectors make it simple to push prospects to the top of your sales funnel, wherever your pipeline may live. Easily create filtering rules to segment contacts for your sales team, such as only pushing leads when they are showing buying signals.

Sync with 5,000+ business apps using our no-code connectors for Zapier , Pabbly and Make (Integromat)