Execute Sales Tasks At Scale.

Everything you need to schedule, execute and analyze the sales tasks that help you establish and grow relationships.

The Right Action At The Right Time, Everytime.

Schedule manual tasks as part of your automated sales playbook using Sequences, such as outbound calls or automating outreach with your prospect on LinkedIn.

Execute Tasks In Rapid Succession.

Organize and excute of all your tasks in one place, Sidebar. Sidebar lives where your sales reps live, inside their browser, empowering them to view and execute tasks from anywhere - just press play.

Execute Tasks In
                    Rapid Succession.

LinkedIn Outreach: 10x Faster.

  • Task flow for Sidebar enables you to organize and execute all of your daily LinkedIn outreach by just pressing play.

  • Sidebar automatically loads your contacts LinkedIn profile and pre-fills the message dialog with theirpersonalized message. Just click send and Leadfwd moves you to the next LinkedIn task in rapid succecssion.

  • Learn more about LinkedIn Automation

Log Notes, Outcomes and Objections.

Tailor your task objects with custom types, outcomes and objections to match your sales channels, process and goals. Measure outcomes and prospect feedback on a granular basis or across your entire sales org, while also pushing completed tasks and notes to your CRM.

Start Transforming Your Sales Pipeline Today.
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Task Management Features

Everything you need to schedule, execute and analyze manual and automated sales tasks

Simple, no-code connectors.

Click, create and automate.

Native integrations and our no-code connectors make it simple to push prospects to the top of your sales funnel, wherever your pipeline may live. Easily create filtering rules to segment contacts for your sales team, such as only pushing leads when they are showing buying signals.

Sync with 5,000+ business apps using our no-code connectors for Zapier , Pabbly and Make (Integromat)