Automate Outreach & Follow ups

Personalize outreach and follow ups at scale using Email, SMS, Voice, LinkedIn and Direct Mail. When a prospect responds, Sequences automatically pause to let you take over the conversation.

Multi-channel Sales Playbooks, On Autopilot.

With Leadfwd Sequences, you can automate all your outreach and follow-up activities across Email, SMS, Voice, LinkedIn or Direct Mail.

Leadfwd focuses on building pipeline and opening new deals, while you focus your

  • Email
  • Task
  • Alert or Reminder
  • LinkedIn Action
  • Voicemail Drop
  • SMS
  • Direct Mail
  • Webhooks
  • Zapier

Open and Close More Deals, in Less Time.

Reach your prospects and customers at with the right touchpoint, at the right time, everytime.
Automate everything in your playbook from outreach, to crm data entry, to custom action steps on external platforms.

Automate Repetitive Sales Tasks.

With Leadfwd, Automation takes care of all the remedial tasks that humans shouldn’t be wasting time on. Returning valuable time to sales pros and enabling them to focus on closing deals, instead of punching keys.

Through the power of AI, our workflow engine can monitor thousands of leads every second to identify interest, schedule calls and keep your CRM updated. Automation lets sales teams know when its time for a human to get involved.

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Execute Tasks at Scale, Anywhere.

Hopping between multiple platforms to assemble a daily to-list of priorities is a time-drain for sales pros. Our intelligent task management lives where your reps live, inside their web browser.

Automate and schedule any type of task with sequences. From calls, manual emails to automated LinkedIn actions.

Bypass Spam with
AI Optimization.

Connect Gmail, Outlook 365 or any SMTP mailbox for outreach. Our AI sending enginge will simulate human sending patterns with variable delays in between each send, helping you stay out of SPAM.

Leadfwd can also ramp up your mailbox to maximize your deliverability and protect your sender reputation, by detecting issues early and taking action before your reputation is put at risk.

Supercharge sales reps
With Effort-free AI + Automation.

  • Sentiment analysis

    Detect the sentiment of a reply from a prospect and automatically take the right action.

  • Wrong contact referral

    Detect referrals to more appropriate stakeholders and automatically start a conversation.

  • Out of office

    Detect ‘out of office’ replies and automatically pause prospects in sequences until they return to the office.

  • Do not contact

    Detect DNC requests and instantly opt-out and suppress prospects from future sales engagement.


Sales Cockpit:

Leadfwd doesn’t just make it easy to build your sales pipeline and start productive—and profitable— conversations. We also make it easy to track, measure and make result-driven decisions based on what’s working and what’s not.

Our Sales Inbox tears down outreach ‘silos’ so you can view every reply, objection, buying signal and follow-up, for your entire team, all in one organized interface.

Start making

“Set-it-and-forget-it” doesn’t have to mean doing business blind. Leadfwd tracks KPIs for each step in your sequence—and presents it in one intuitive dashboard.

Get insights on your sequence’s big picture performance and your lead’s behavior. Then make informed decisions to increase engagement. So you can grow revenue faster.

Every activity tracked.
But only see what you need.

Simple, no-code connectors.

Click, create and automate.

Native integrations and our no-code connectors make it simple to push prospects to the top of your sales funnel, wherever your pipeline may live. Easily create filtering rules to segment contacts for your sales team, such as only pushing leads when they are showing buying signals.

Sync with 5,000+ business apps using our no-code connectors for Zapier , Pabbly and Make (Integromat)