DFY: COLD EMAIL LEAD GENERATION Meet Your New Outbound Sales Team.

Let our team orchestrate a complete outbound lead generation program for your organization. We’ll focus in on your ideal customers personal, develop targeted lists of decision makers at key accounts and engage them with properly executed cold email outreach that generates qualified pipeline, fast.

Besides, building a sales pipeline is hard. Qualified Business Development Reps are in short supply. Fully loaded salary, training & onboarding and bonuses for BDR’s are expensive.

Discovery + Onboarding

We’ll learn your goals, target audience and the unique value proposition that you offer. From there our team gets to work on the tech setup, list building / prospecting, copywriting and sequence development.

Discovery Onboarding
Bypass spam filters

Bypass Spam Filters: Fully Managed IT.

A properly configured and maintained tech stack is critical to reaching the inbox. Our team of IT and email experts will handle domains and mailboxes, DNS configuration and reputation management.

Multiple Domains + Smart Rotation Included DNS Setup: SPF, DKIM, DMARC, CNAME Alternating Outlook & Gmail Mailboxes Included

Prospecting and List Building

Our experts will build and validate prospecting lists based on your ideal customer persona (ICP) from 200M+ B2B Accounts and Contacts.

All Inclusive. No Add-On Subscriptions Required Real-time Email Validation
Prospecting and list building
cold copy that generates hot replies

Cold Copy That Generates Hot Replies.

Our team of cold email experts have years of experience drafting hyper-personalized emails that generate replies. We’ll capture the tone of your brand and your unique value proposition, while applying our time-tested best practices to create messaging that reaches the inbox.

Seamless Hand-Off Of Qualified Leads.

When Leadfwd identifies an interested reply, our team will seamlessly hand over the lead by introducing the assigned sales rep in the same email string . AI + Humans, at work.

Seamless Hand-Off Of Qualified Leads

For busy solopreneurs and founders that have a million other things to do.


  • Who is this service not suited for? + -
    Our Growth Services are not suitable for any B2C / Ecommerce orgs and certain B2B orgs that don’t have a firm handle on their ideal customer persona. Autopilot can be a valuable option to test different market segments for fit, but expectations should be reserved while you attempt to find or refine market-fit. It takes time.

    We also don’t spam or ‘spray and pray’.

    If you’re looking for a vendor to commit to sending thousands of emails on your behalf, then we are not a good fit. If your measure of the value of our service is in some way based on email volume, then you’re probably not a good fit. The optimal daily email limit that we employ will be based entirely on how well we are delivering to the inboxes of your customer persona. Inbox placement and deliverability come first.

    You’re in a cash crunch now and need sales.

    You need revenue yesterday, today, next week, etc. Or, in other words, now. While we feel that and understand the stress, we can’t deliver a solution to meet those expectations. We find that engagements don’t start or progress well when everything quickly turns to short-term thinking. The engagement will degrade as expectations simply cannot be managed or met. Even once we stand up this program, warm up mailboxes, optimize email copy and then start getting replies… 99% of those “interested” replies will only be the start of a conversation. You still need to run the ball down the field from there and close the sale. At the end of the day this is still a sales cycle and our service is at the top of the funnel.
  • How exactly does Autopilot work? + -
    Our team becomes an extension of your operation for the sole purpose of executing a full outbound sales program. The bulk of your involvement will be during the pre-launch phase while we get up to speed on your product, org and value proposition. After the launch we’ll collaborate with you to optimize your results, but for the most part you’ll define a primary contact that we’ll introduce interested prospects to after they reply to your outreach.
  • Shouldn’t I just hire a full-desk sales rep or BDR? + -
    We routinely work with inside sales teams to help generate prospects that ultimately get forwarded to full-desk sales reps and BDRs for further qualification and opportunity building. It doesn’t necessarily have to be one or the other. But if it is, you’ll quickly find that in the current market it can be very expensive to hire and onboard an inside sales rep or sales team. All without any guarantees, other than payroll.
  • What can I expect for an ROI? + -
    Too many variables to say. We’re asked this quite a bit but a better question that aligns with our services would be “how many meetings can I expect?”. Some products and services fall flat and generate minimal interest with only one viable meeting per month, while others can generate 3-4 meetings per week. Reach out to us for a more detailed discussion.
  • What is the expected CaC associated with Autopilot? + -
    CaC will vary greatly among every product and service. We recommend a minimum LTV or ACV of $2,500.00 to make Autopilot a viable option. Comparable services to Autopilot that work on a pay-per-lead model, typically charge $350 - $650 per identified lead or meeting. Our fixed rate offers the potential to acquire leads at a much lower cost per lead, while offering predictable costs.
  • Does cold prospecting actually work? + -
    When done properly, absolutely. You might be browsing Leadfwd right now due to an email from our sales team :)
  • How does setup and onboarding work? + -
    Simple. We have a step-by-step data collection process that we utilize to get a handle on the basics of your org and offering. That is then combined with our own research that we’ll utilize to create the first round of outreach copy/content. At the same time our team will begin building a prospect list of potential leads to reach.
  • What are the technical requirements? + -
    Our team handles all of the IT related to the outbound program, including acquiring cold email domains and properly configuring them to send email for your program. This is all included in the package.
  • Can I approve messaging before it’s used in outreach? + -
    Absolutely and we encourage you to review and offer any changes you think are necessary to better position your offering.
  • Is this service international or country specific? + -
    We’re currently focusing on the U.S. but we’re open to exploring other markets. Some are simply off limits due to privacy and compliance issues that would make outbound efforts too difficult. Reach out and we can discuss over email or chat.
  • Who is this service best suited for? + -
    Our Done-For-You Growth Services can be a powerful add-on for B2B startups, founder-led sales operations and can successfully augment existing sales teams that just don’t have time to build top of the funnel lead flow. We align best with orgs or founders that know their ideal customer and have already sold their products or services to customers. In other words, a playbook exists and we’re helping to scale reach and awareness. From a revenue perspective we recommend an annual contract value (ACV) or lifetime value (LTV) of at least $5,000.00 for our DFY Growth Services to make economical sense. Our program is designed to deliver interested prospects and spark conversations. We are not delivering sales-ready leads, although from time to time we may catch someone that is currently in-market. But those prospects and discoveries using cold outreach are typically outliers.
  • Do you recommend this service for orgs testing new markets? + -
    This depends on you and your ability to set realistic expectations. If you don’t yet have experience or a track record of selling into a specific market, you can expect a much longer time-to-value or time-to-reply. Without a track record and identified market-fit for a customer persona, we will be essentially starting from scratch and doing a lot of experimentation. Things to consider are the buying committee (titles and roles to target), messaging and the specific value proposition (some orgs have a few to choose from) that resonate. When you come to the table knowing who your customers are and how to sell to them, we’re basically extending the reach of your existing playbook. That’s much faster. If you’re coming to the table with just a product or service and no track record, that’s OK, but expect a long ramp up period and experimentation before there are any results.
  • How many contacts will you reach and how emails will you send each month? + -
    This is a variable and it depends. With Autopilot we include 6 domains and 6 mailboxes. At the optimal daily delivery rate (30 - 55 emails / mailbox) you can expect to deliver 180 - 330 emails safely per day. However, it’s not that simple and those figures are just estimates.

    The optimal daily email output per mailbox will greatly depend on the types of companies you’re reaching in your persona. Banking, Finance, Healthcare, Fortune 500, Large nationwide or global companies generally have much more aggressive email filtering and typically require a slower daily email output. Larger buying committees that include multiple contacts from the same company, using the same email domain must also be sent to at a slower pace. As we can’t deliver to the same domain with any velocity that could appear automated. Emails that get delivered to the spam/bulk/junk folder have a significantly lower chance of ever being seen, let alone replied to. Our primary focus is inbox delivery, first and foremost.

Simple, no-code connectors.

Click, create and automate.

Native integrations and our no-code connectors make it simple to push prospects to the top of your sales funnel, wherever your pipeline may live. Easily create filtering rules to segment contacts for your sales team, such as only pushing leads when they are showing buying signals.

Sync with 5,000+ business apps using our no-code connectors for Zapier , Pabbly and Make (Integromat)